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            Joint Venture Partners..  

UDL is pleased to announce its newest initiative by developing a nation-wide network of Business Partners that want to be involved in our journey to bring a revolutionary change in Pakistan's Agricultural Future.

What is a Business Partner?
UDL Business Partner or BP for short is an entity that signs an agreement with UDL to represent its brands in a specified territory. Together UDL and its BP will develop the market for innovative farming technologies, enhancing overall agricultural productivity leading to additional revenues for the farmers of Pakistan.

Why be a UDL Business Partner?
  • Immediate and exclusive access to UDL brands.
  • Minimal upfront investment.
  • Sole distribution in specified territories.
  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Extra margin facilities.
  • Performance based rebates.
  • Availability of technical support.
  • Promotional support by UDL e.g. Television, Radio, Print.
  • Territory Sales Officers provided by UDL.

If you are interested in applying for Business Partner, kindly contact us at the address mentioned below:

Corporate Headquarters

United Distributors Pakistan Ltd. Plot # 105, Mehran Town, Sector 7/A Korangi Indistrial Area, Karachi 74900.

  • Email:   info@udpl.com.pk

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