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  Crop Protection
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  Micronutrient Fertilizers


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Since 2004, we have been slowly establishing our range of agricultural pesticides through own branding as well as partnerships/agreements with other companies as well as developing a strong team and infrastructure to provide quality field services to the farmers of Pakistan.

Crop Protection

The Pakistan crop protection industry is estimated at Rs. 30-32 billion ($300 Million Approx). There are well over a few hundred companies that have registered themselves as suppliers of pesticides making it a very competitive industry. The market leader with around 20% market share is Syngenta followed by Ali Akbar with a market share of 19%. The top multinationals in order of ranking after Syngenta are, FMC, Bayer Crop Sciences and Arysta Life Sciences. Due to immense competition and introduction of generic pesticides by local companies, two multinationals, Dow Agro Sciences and DuPont, have had to wind up their operations in Pakistan and hand their products over to other distributors. BASF also took the route of handing their products to distributors.

Pesticide sales have always had a major share of UDL’s business. The business was initiated with the marketing, sales and distribution of Dow Agro Sciences (DAS) however we established ourselves as a major player in the agrochemical industry when we joined hands with FMC. We managed to become the second largest agrochemical behind Ceba (now Syngenta). However due to the immense growth in FMC’s business it was decided by management to hand over the sales and marketing activities to FMC, while UDL would handle distribution logistics and warehousing. We currently have a joint venture with FMC through a 40% shareholding in their local operations.

Along with FMC and DAS we have also had the privilege to team with Nichiman (now marketed by Arysta) and our latest partnership was with DuPont. With DuPont we launched their block buster product Coragen (Rynaxypyr) as well as successfully promoted brands such as Steward, Curzate, Nustar and Lannate.


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