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Micronutrient Fertilizers

This segment is a growing segment in the industry as many pesticide companies are focusing their efforts and resources in capturing as much of this market share as possible. The market size is estimated at around Rs. 1.5 billion in 2007 compared to Rs. 650 million in 2006.

We have also established a small range of micronutrients that we supply in the market. We are also currently working with our suppliers to develop a range of fertilizers that are crop specific.

Micronutrient Fertilizers

  Brand Name   Technical Name
  Golden Haryali   NP - Nitrogen 23 Phosphorus 23
  Golden Potash   SOP-0-0-60-8 S (Granular)
  Golden Potash   SOP-0-0-50-18 S (Powder)
  Golden Potash Plus +   Potassium Oxide 35% Organic Matter 10% + SO4 40%
  Golden Starter   Slow Release Fertilizer (Granular)
  Numerica Ultra   NPK 10+10+10+13S (Granular)
  Caloric Plus +   Multi Micronutrients (Granular)
  Caloric Zinc +   Chelated Micronutrients Zinc 5% (Granular)
  Golden Fertyl Plus   NPK 23+23+23 (Powder)
  Utah Plus   Multi Micronutrients (Granular)
  Utah Zinc   Chelated Formula Zinc 5% (Granular)
  Utah Zinc   Chelated Zinc 21% (Granular)
  Utah Zinc   Chelated Zinc 27% (Granular)
  Zincruise   Zinc Sulphate 33% (Granular)
  Cash Plus +   Multi-Micronutrients (Liquid)
  Golden Grip   Plant Growth Regulator (Bio Stimulant-Liquid)
  Golden Iron   Iron 6% (Chelated EDDHA 4.8 Ortho Ortho) Powder
  Golden Iron   Iron 6% (Chelated EDDHA Ortho + NPK-5-5-5) Liquid
  Golden Potash   Potash Oxide 50% (Liquid)
  Golden Potash Super   Silicon + 52.80% + Potassium Oxide 32.40% (Liquid)
  Indiplex Boron   Boron 20% (Powder)
  Magna   Amino acids + Cytokinin (Liquid)
  Numerica   NPK 8-8-6 (Liquid)
  SecoTreen   Iron 6% (Chelated with EDDHA 4.8 Ortho Ortho) Powder
  SecoTreen   Iron 6% (Chelated with EDDHA Ortho Ortho + NPK-5-5-5) Liquid
  Siapton   Plant Growth Regulator (Amino acid-Liquid)
  Zepton   Natural Phytohormones, Amino acid, Micronutrients Liquid
  Humicash   40% Humic acid + 7% K2O (Granular)
  PowerHumus   Potassium Humate Compound 85% WSG



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