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  Micronutrient Fertilizers

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Balanced Nutrition for Higher Yield

Why Utah Plus®?
Utah Plus® is a unique granular micro fertilizer that is suitable for most crops.
  • Balanced Nutrition for ALL Crops
  • Unique Formulation, i.e. C-SHIELD™
  • Immediate and extended availability of nutrients
  • Homogeneous granules
  • 100% soluble in water
  • No heavy metal contamination
  • Suitable for all types of Soils
  • Can be mixed with other fertilizers as DAP, SSP, TSP, NP or Urea
Suitable for both blending fertilizer and direct application. Granular size and bulk density match to common fertilizer providing uniform distribution of plant nutrients. Utah Plus® is specifically synthesized for field crops and general crops for applying since early plant growth stage and for extended availability throughout the growing season. Elements protected by “C-SHIELD” in Utah Plus® will help root tip absorb nutrients easily and also will help nutrients not to be tighten to the soil particle.

Utah Plus® – Protected with “C-SHIELD™”

Why C-Shield™?
Plants absorb nutrients in ionic form. When we apply fertilizers in soil, they make bonding with opposite charged ions, thus non available to plants. C-SHIELD™ is a unique formulation, which protects nutrients to bond with opposite charged elements and these nutrients are in available ionic form

Benefits of “C-SHIELD™”
  • Confirmed availability of nutrients
  • Nutrient availability at all crop stages in required amount
  • Prevention of leaching down of nutrients

  How soil pH affects availability of plant nutrients

Crop Dose Time of Application
  Rice   4-8kg/acre   15-20 days after transplantation
  Cotton   4-8kg/acre   At sowing/20-25 days after germination
  Wheat   4-8kg/acre   At sowing/1st irrigation
  Maize   4-8kg/acre   At sowing/20-25 days after germination
  Sugarcane   8-16kg/acre   At sowing/1st irrigation
  Potato   4-8kg/acre   At sowing/20-25 days after germination
  Leafy Vegetable   4-8kg/acre   At sowing
  Fruit Vegetable   4-8kg/acre   At sowing/Flowering
  Banana   25kg/acre   At sowing/Flowering
  Orchards   300–500g/plant   After pruning/fruit setting stage

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