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  Micronutrient Fertilizers

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Why Utah?
Utah Zinc 5 is a unique granular micro fertilizer that is suitable for most crops.
  • Unique "C-Shield" protection
  • Homogeneous granules
  • Immediate and extended availability
  • 5-7 times more effective than regular micro fertilizer formulations
  • No heavy metal contamination

Why Chelates?
Crop yield is limited by the nutrient in shortest supply, just as a barrel’s capacity is limited by its shortest stave. For all crops, micronutrients are equally as vital as the primary plant foods. Although they are required at lower levels than major and secondary nutrients, they are absolutely essential to plant life and must be maintained at certain levels for maximum crop yield.

The need for micronutrients and secondary nutrients is discussed and demonstrated in later sections of this brochure together with the advantages of “flowable” form of these nutrients.Before we discuss specific flowable chelated micronutrient products, we must define the word “chelate”.

Chelate is a derivative from the Greek word “chele” meaning claw.

The function of a chelate (organic complex) is to chemically combine the positive charged cation (zinc, manganese, iron, copper, magnesium, or calcium) with an organic, negative charged chelating agent. The organic molecule surrounds the positive charged metal and protects the new chelated form of cation from chemical tie up.


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