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Policy risks to cotton crop | May 9, 2011
Source - DAWN.com
THE second, and indefinite, postponement of the meeting of Federal Committee on Agriculture in the last week of April leaves many bewildered, especially when it comes to the planning for cotton crop....   FULL ARTICLE >>

Weather-stressed wheat crop | April 18, 2011
Source - DAWN.com
WITH the first half of April remaining unusually cold, and another spell of rains threatening not only to prolong the cold wave into the second half of the month but also making it humid, the wheat crop in Punjab is under stress. Understandably, it has left the planners guessing as to how much damage this freak weather could wreak on an otherwise record size crop....   FULL ARTICLE >>

Gram crop to achieve output target | April 11, 2011
Source - DAWN.com
GRAM the second largest Rabi crop acreage wise is expected to achieve its production target of 623,000 tons, making it a good season for agriculture. Farmers are also hoping to hit a dreamy wheat target of 25 million tons. Both these crops would definitely boost country`s agriculture output....   FULL ARTICLE >>

Mango crop outlook | April 4, 2011
Source - DAWN.com
THE weather condition does not seem favourable for mango production in Sindh this season as reports indicate that proper fruit flowering and setting has not taken place yet. However opinion is divided among orchard owners on the size of the crop....   FULL ARTICLE >>

How to enhance citrus export | March 28, 2011
Source - DAWN.com
THE citrus, mainly kinnow, export season is at its fag end and has proved to be a mixed blessing for the country. On the one hand, almost 10 per cent of the crop was lost to the alternate bearing factor and weather vagaries....   FULL ARTICLE >>

MoU for BT cotton signed with US | April 11, 2010
Source - DAWN.com
Pakistan signed on Saturday an agreement with a US agricultural company to revolutionise the seed sector which would help drastically enhance the production of cotton crop....   FULL ARTICLE >>



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