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  Crop Protection
  Micronutrient Fertilizers

  Crop Protection
     - Insecticides
     - Fungicides
     - Herbicides
     - Miticides
  Micronutrient Fertilizers


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About UDL Pakistan

UDL is incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company and we have a nation-wide sales, marketing & distribution network to provide products and services to the countryís farming community. We have played a significant role in introducing and establishing leading multinational businesses in Pakistan. Those companies include; Dow Agro Sciences (USA), FMC Corporation (USA), Pioneer Seeds (USA), Nichimen (Japan) and currently DuPont (USA). The businesses of FMC United as well as Pioneer Seeds were developed almost exclusively by UDL and we currently have Joint Ventures with both of them.

Since 2004, we have been slowly establishing our own brands and range of agricultural pesticides along with developing a strong team of Technical Sales Officers to provide quality field services to the farmerís of Pakistan. We also continue to provide distribution and warehousing services to FMC.

Our current business lines include:

  1.  Crop protection   MORE INFO
  2.  Seeds   MORE INFO
  3.  Micronutrients & Fertilizers   MORE INFO
  4.  Distribution Services   MORE INFO

Future Plans

Our future plans include the following:

  • Produce marketing
          - Rice, flour, fruits, vegetables & spices
          - Export market
  • Live stock and dairy development.
          - Veterinary pharmaceuticals
          - Veterinary instruments
          - Animal nutrition and healthcare products
  • Contractual farming services
  • Contract seed production
  • Distribution of farming equipment and other agricultural inputs
  • Drip irrigation


    Utah Plus    MORE INFO

    What Makes Us Who We Are

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