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The IBL Group

The UDL/IBL Group is a diversified business house engaged in a wide range of business activities in Pakistan including international trading, local manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of various products and financial services.


The Group began its operation several generations ago in 1887 and became distributors of W.D. & Wills cigarettes. As business progressed over the next decades, several offices were established in major cities of of the Indian Subcontinent. After partition in 1947, the Group decided to shift its operations to Pakistan and set up their head office in the port city of Karachi.

For many decades since 1947, many multinational and large Pakistani companies have held business with the Group. In the mid 80s the Group management decided to diversify into manufacturing by creating strategic partnerships with some of the companies for which it had provided distribution services. As a result the ownership and management of the group companies was divided into two sub-groups known as IBL Group and UDL Group. In 1991 a new company by the name of International Brands (Private) Limited was formed.

All the marketing and distribution business of consumer goods of the Group was moved under the banner of IBL and since then the Company has focused on consumer products marketing and distribution, it has also become the Flagship Company of the Group. Currently IBL is the largest distributor in Pakistan with sales volumes of over $350 million and a network of over 100 branches throughout the country.

The Group is now increasingly being identified as the IBL Group.  [IBL WEBSITE]


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